The Bridge Year

The Bridge is held over two semesters at SMBC's Roberts-Dale Campus in Sydney’s inner western suburb of Croydon Park.
It runs from February to June, and then from July to November and includes the Cultural Study Tour to South-East Asia.


The Bridge Week

The Bridge runs from Wednesday to Friday each week plus the occasional weekend activity. Each week The Bridge is filled with a rich variety of lectures and activities. Some things are the same each week - we'll meet together to hear great preaching from God's word, we'll study the Bible in our Old Testament and New Testament lectures, and we'll spend time in prayer and personal reflection. Time is regularly given to deepening our understanding of mission, through classes, discussions and hearing from visiting missionaries.

Some things are different each week - we'll engage in a variety of activities that will help us broaden our understanding of the world and our place in it. This will often take us off campus to develop new skills, interact with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, and join in a range of other ministries around Sydney.

Here's an overview of what a typical week at The Bridge looks like...

Wednesday Thursday Friday
8.30am-4.00pm 8.30am-4.30pm 8.30am-4.00pm
Old Testament Lecture New Testament Lecture Chapel + Reflection
Global Mission Exposure / Activity
Morning Tea Morning Tea Morning Tea
Old Testament Lecture New Testament Lecture Global Mission Exposure / Activity
Principal's Hour Mission Lecture
Lunch Lunch Lunch
Skills Mission Lecture Global Mission Exposure / Activity
Fellowship / Prayer