Study Levels

All Bridge students participate in the same program. However, you can choose the level at which you study. The three levels are:


At the completion of The Bridge year, you will also graduate with either The Bridge Certificate in Bible and Missions Studies or The Bridge Certificate.

Here's the details about the different study levels...



The Diploma of Christian Studies (of the Australian College of Theology), which can be completed in one year at The Bridge, is a great award that gives you credit towards even further study. It will take you deep into the Old and New Testament, along with cross-cultural mission units (subjects). You’ll find yourself more confident in handling the Bible, but most of all you’ll grow in your love of God, his plans and his people.

Students enrolling in the diploma level study are committing themselves to complete the diploma course. During The Bridge program, you’ll study seven units (84 credit points) of the eight units (96 credit points) required do this:
Old Testament x 2
New Testament x 1
Missions x 4
These units are: Old Testament Foundations, Old Testament Prophets and Writings, New Testament Overview, Mission Perspectives, Living Faiths and Cross-Cultural Ministry Immersion (which includes the overseas Cultural Study Tour and equals double credit).

Note: All of these units may be credited towards an Associate Degree of Theology or a Bachelor of Theology .

The additional one unit (12 credit points) you need to complete the Diploma of Christian Studies course is Foundational Christian Beliefs.

We offer a choice in how you complete your Diploma. 1. This additional unit may be chosen from the SMBC program in semester 1 and completed concurrently during your Bridge year. 2. Or, we offer this unit through 'Intensive mode' in January the following year. 3. Plus it is also possible to complete the additional units in the following year first semester at SMBC, or 4. at any affiliated Australian College of Theology institution.

The prerequisite for admission to the Diploma of Christian Studies is an ATAR of 65 or above (or equivalent), or satisfactorily completing an academic suitability task (academic task, essay or interview). If you haven’t completed Year 12 (or equivalent), please contact The Bridge Coordinator to discuss details regarding the academic suitability requirements. Additionally, if your first language is not English, you may need to satisfy minimum language requirements. All Bridge students participate in the full life of the program – which we know you’ll find hugely enriching!

If, after completing The Bridge program, you would like to go deeper in your theological study, it is possible to return to SMBC for a second year and graduate with the Associate Degree of Theology, or a third year and graduate with the Bachelor of Theology (BTh). Students have up to 10 years to cross-credit their units to these awards.

The Diploma of Christian Studies is a well-rounded exploration into the Bible, missions, Christian thinking and ministry. You’ll find yourself more confident and better prepared to understand and use the Bible, and in leading Bible studies, running youth groups and children’s ministry programs. But most importantly, our prayer is that you’ll know and love God more as he transforms you into the likeness of his Son, Jesus.

FEE-HELP is available for Australian citizens wanting to complete their Diploma.
Note: Overseas students are welcome to apply for this course.


The SMBC Bridge Certificate in Bible and Missions includes attendance in Old Testament, New Testament and missions classes, plus all the other life skills and includes the Cultural Study Tour to South-East Asia or Australasia. If you enrol in the certificate, as well as participating in the life of The Bridge program, you will also do some assessments and reading tasks to help you engage with what you're learning.

FEE-HELP is not available for this award.
Note: This course option is not available to overseas students.


The (SMBC) Bridge Certificate of Participation (also called ‘audit’) allows you to participate in the program without requiring any exams or assessments. In other words, it is the same content as SMBC’s Bridge Certificate in Bible and Missions minus the assessments.

FEE-HELP is not available for this award.
Note: This course option is not available to overseas students.


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