The Bridge will not only give you a deeper understanding of global mission, it will give you a chance to get involved.

One way we do this is through the Cultural Study Tour to South East Asia. Some trips give you the chance to partner with churches in other parts of the world, but this trip will take you to places where there are very few churches. You will eat different food, speak a different language and stay in the homes of people who have never really heard about Jesus, and don’t understand why he came.

For three weeks you will learn from and work with long-term cross-cultural workers, and get involved in their ministries in culturally sensitive and helpful ways. You will also experience the beauty of the country and the amazing hospitality of the people who live there. This trip is an incredible opportunity to learn about yourself, about God and about what’s required to take the good news of Jesus to those who haven’t heard.

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One of the key ingredients of a successful trip is good preparation.

From the beginning of the Bridge year, we will be working to help you get prepared in every possible way – through classes, practical activities, field trips and visits from missionaries and missions experts.

This will ensure that you are spiritually and emotionally ready to face the challenge of entering a completely different context. You will be helped to develop cultural understanding and skills to relate to people who are different from you. We will even help you learn some of the local language! This trip is carefully planned and you will have comprehensive practical preparation to make the most of your three weeks away.

To maximise the value of your trip we will also guide you through a thorough debrief process. Research has consistently shown that this is the most important part of the learning experience. The debrief process will continue after returning to Sydney.


Our time away will last approximately three weeks during second semester. We will be working in partnership with long-term cross-cultural workers and large evangelical, international agencies.

Your parents, carers and key supporters will be invited to join us for an information evening to explain the trip before we go.